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Solvy 25 micron 30cm x 25m



Product Code: SOLVY3025

Solvy-30cm x 25m x 25 microns
How clear and defined is your embroidery on towels and raised fabrics?

Water soluble topping such as Solvy can sometimes be referred to as a second skin. Once a sandwich of Solvy, fabric and backing is hooped and the embroidery is stitched, it prevents the stitches from sinking into the garment and losing the design or lettering’s definition. It is clear and precise compared to if the embroidery was stitched directly onto a garment with high pile or texture such as toweling, cordorouy knit, wool, fleece etc…

Solvy is ideal to use when embroidering small lettering on knit shirts to help them stand out and sit on top of the garment making it crisp and clear. Fleece is also a popular embroidered garment for the Winter months. Try using Solvy for this also.

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