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Juki MO-2000QVP

Juki MO-2000QVP


JUKI’s top-of-the-line overlock sewing machine the easy threader makes upper and lower looper threading easy. The machine can flexibly respond to the diverse range of changes of threads and stitches required for sewing. It’s brilliant for dressmaking and curtains, or edging quilting samples and tidying up quilt edges prior to binding.

Effortless push button air threading for upper and lower loopers.

- Auto threader for both needles – that works!

- No threading sequence needed – thread in any order you wish.

- LDC screen for suggested settings to do 15 different types of stitches

- Two step presser foot lifter to ensure maximum space between the foot and the stitch plate.

- Brilliant illumination with the eco-friendly LED lighting.

- A waste collector bin that actually works – no more fabric trimmings inside the machine.

- Great robust cutting force from the lower and upper knives make stitching thick fabric easy.

- Amazingly smooth and quiet during operation.

- Slightly wider work area for easier handling of fabric.

  • Features

    • LCD Display
    • LED Lighting
    • Quick Set Bobbin
    • Advanced Needle Threading System
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