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Essence VE2300 Embroidery Machine

Essence VE2300 Embroidery Machine


Brother Essence VE2300 Embroidery Machine.


Large 8 x 12inch embroidery area. 318 built-in embroidery designs, including 13 bobbin work designs, 17 embroidery fonts, and 140 frame pattern combinations. Includes Droplight LED embroidery positioning marker. Ultrasonic Sensor Pen - Use the pen to position your embroidery designs on your fabric.Stitch Jumping - Move through your design up to 500 stitches at once

  • Features

    • 318 built-in embroidery designs including 13 bobbin work designs, 17 embroidery fonts (12 Alphabet, 2 Cyrillic, 3 Japanese embroidery fonts) and 140 frame pattern combinations
    •  V-Sonic pen for embroidery: Ultrasonic sensing provides embroidery positioning and angle rotation with a simple touch
    • Large 7” LCD touch screen display: See up to 260,000 colours with little or no on-screen colour shifting; view on-screen tutorials, and control the machine with the large, intuitive icons
    •  Up to 1,050 stitches per minute: Create more works of art in less time
    • Ultra bright LED lighting: No more task lights needed, surround the work area with 10” of bright and adjustable lighting
    •  Droplight embroidery positioning marker: The LED pointer shows the needle drop position with pinpoint accuracy - critical for embroidery
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