Dandelyne Club

Dandelyne Club


Dandelyne Club - 3 Brands, 1 Club

Bi-monthly Club.


Get your stitching fingers ready for a brand new club that will open up a whole new world of colours and textures! Dandelyne Club, a fun new way to build your stash of Cosmo embroidery floss, Kona Cotton solids and Dandelyne mini embroidery hoops.

Every second month, for $39.95 you’ll receive a Dandelyne Club kit. Each kit will contain:
x3 Dandelyne Hoops
x3 Skeins of Cosmo Thread
x3 20cm x W.O.F of Kona Cotton


Which colours? No peeking, each edition will be a surprise! PLUS, you’ll also get super cute embroidery patterns designed exclusively for the club by Sonia of Dandelyne. Each edition will contain different Kona Cotton colours and Cosmo thread, so you can build a complete collection!


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