Artistic Edge 12" Cutter

AU$999.00 Regular Price
AU$399.00Sale Price
The ultimate addition to a crafter’s workspace! The Edge digital Cutter 12 opens up a new world of custom cutwork designs for paper crafting, quilting and embellishing. Let LED lighting and a placement laser make every cut more precise than you could have imagined. The Edge 12 comes with adjustable blade holder, 3 cutting blades, pen holder and pens, 12″ x 12″ low tack cutting mat (for thinner and more delicate materials like paper or fine fabric), 12″ x 12″ high tack cutting mat (for thicker materials like template material or foam core), and the Artistic SimpleCut software containing 3,500 designs.

Features and Benefits:
• 12″ of cutting space
• Includes Artistic SimpleCut Software (with 3,500 built-in designs)
• Cuts a variety of materials from paper to vinyl to fabric and more
• “Print and Cut” feature so you can cut exact shapes from a print image
• Precision laser placement guide
• Smooth, quiet operation